Sunday, April 1, 2012

A week of nourishment...

"Life is most froth and bubble, but two things stand like a stone; kindness in another's trouble and courage in your own."

Princess Diana said that. My Nana used to love Princess Diana. My Nana was a smart lady!!!

I thought it was a perfect quote for this week because I have been in struggletown for a few weeks now. And it's going to take a whole lot of courage to keep myself from ending up in a heap on the floor. Work has been crazy with the culmination of almost a years worth of work coming to fruition last week. We're not quite 'there yet' and I expect the madness to last another month, but work has stepped up about 50 notches in the past few weeks.

Then there is study. Did I tell you I am going back to uni?? *insert gun to head picture here* ... Well, I am. Despite already having done honours (and a PhD) before, I have done an about-face and decided to go back and study honours in Psychology. Which means I have to write another thesis. *insert another gun to head picture here* ...

I had a reality check during the week (ie. an almost-mental breakdown) when it struck me the sheer volume of work I am going to have to do this year. I mean I already knew, I had called my last honours year, 'my year of hell' for several years. Jacquie - I'm sure you'll back me up there! Boy was it tough. And yet something made me think I could attempt it again, whilst working full time at the same time. *INSERT HUMONGOUS FREAKING GUN TO HEAD PICTURE HERE*

Anyhoo. I had a crisis. I kicked. I screamed. Then I called my Mum. In true Mummy fashion, she had me sorted out in no time. The truth is, I'd be silly not to do this. I've always wanted to be a psychologist and I've somehow managed to scam my way into honours when (a) I practically failed my degree (hmmm... this sounds like last time!!) and (b) my degree is now 11 years old and technically you only have 10 years in which to continue on before having to repeat it! Not to mention the fact that nobody else would even let me in to do the course because of my terrible marks and they are letting me do it for around $6,000 - everywhere else I'd have to do the $14-$15,000 Graduate Diploma version. So, I've had to suck it up and get on with it. But it's been hard.

I've buried my head in the sand a bit. I just can't talk to people about my problems when I am experiencing them. It's like I am being drained by the problems already and I can't afford to divert any more energy into them by talking or writing about them. Except to my Mum, who seems to not fit into the conventional pile, and who I ring almost every day for a bit of nourishment. (Poor Mum - although I think even she got a few days off last week). I've had a pile of emails I haven't answered and a whole pile of friends I've been neglecting. I found an email that my student husband wrote to me that I hadn't responded to for about 2 weeks, a beautiful email from my Aunt that I hadn't answered and texts from my bestie saying, 'are you ok???? I haven't heard from you all week!!!' Then there is the lovely Mrs Majstorovic that I've been meaning to call for about a month. Sigh. And she's not the only one!

So this week is going to be all about nourishment. I've signed up for an intensive yoga class for the week. Slightly insane plan in that the classes start at 6:30 am and I don't normally get out of bed until 8 am (and even then I am tired - I hate mornings), but I love yoga and I think it will set me up well for the week. Hopefully it isn't too bad given daylight savings mean that I can tell myself class really starts at 7:30 am...

And as for food! Well, all I want to do is eat all of the things I shouldn't. And sometimes I have, sometimes I haven't. But this week I'm going to focus on nourishment and not eating sugar. Speaking of which, I made some amazing sugar free 'chocolate'. Perfect for Easter. Will post a recipe during the week. :)

Hope you have a fabulous week and may you all have courage in the face of trouble, and kindness in the face of others' trouble.

M. x

P.S - Speaking of nourishment, that chicken soup was made from scratch and with my own chicken stock. Exquisitely nourishing.


  1. Hi Mel,
    Ive been checking out your blog because I am currently doing Cohens Lifestyle and am 10 weeks into it. Finding it hard to stick to at times - not because the diet is hard, as you know, but because its the same all the time. I find my mind wandering alot! Im losing weight but not as fast as they would like. I also dont agree with the goal weight they have set for me. It is too low and unfortunately I doubt whether I will get to the refeeding. Its sad because Im told that to succeed (not put the weight back on) I have to do the refeed, which leaves me in a bit of a hole. Did you do the refeed? I would very much appreciate your take on it all. What should I expect at refeed? or the maintenance (cause I think that is as far as I will get)
    How are things now? Someone told me that their metabolism is shot since doing Cohens. She put all the weight back on. She did say that I must do the maintenance.
    I couldnt stand the thought of eating fast food (although the smell of pizza still gets to me) and I dearly want to be healthy. Im sure my body will thank me for it!
    I'd also like to be someone who doesnt think about food all the time! like a thin person!
    Anyway, I really appreciate your blog. Its honest and very helpful.
    If you do have a chance, could you let me know what you reckon about refeed?
    P.S. Your recipes look FANTASTIC. Are you a chef? I dont make things like this. Mine always look like a dogs breakfast!!

  2. Hey Cathryn,
    Soudns like you are doing fabulously! I had concerns about all that stuff too and am happy to talk to you about it less publicly, given all the rules. Email me on and I will respond properly. :)
    P.S - I'm not a chef but I love to cook! Got so bored and you can eat so little that I forced myself to mix it up and get creative! :)