Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2/3 Update‏; or OMG I've actually started!

Wow! Day 2 of ‘proper Cohen’s’ is almost over. I say Day 2 because even though it is Day 3 of the New Year and of my diet, the first day was more what I’d like to call, ‘Cohenesque’ than actual Cohen’s.

All I can say is, ‘wow.’ It really is all about the headspace. I guess I always knew this but couldn’t work out a way to actually get myself back into the good headspace I was in when I did Cohen’s last year. I tried several times to get back into my diet after my trip to France, but all attempts failed and I actually gained weight. I wish I could say that I have a way to teach you how to create it but I can’t. All I can say is that I think it is mostly to do with the preparation. Mental and physical. I think the best points I can make about how I am going to try and replicate this in the future are these:

1. Make some rules. What you can and can’t eat/drink. For me it was to get back on plan and all of the rules that came with that.

2. Set a start date for when you have a couple of days up your sleeve that you can control. For example, when you have a couple of days alone or a few days where you can control your temptations.

3. Start removing all of the foods on your ‘don’t eat’ list from the house and ensure there are none left by your start date.

I think before Christmas I was making wishy-washy rules with myself and then I’d go to work and see chocolates on the table and think I’d start again tomorrow. Because I was on Day 3 when I went back to work today, I’d already lost 1.6 kg and had 2 days of good eating under my belt so when I walked into work this morning and saw chocolates (see photo) and the biscuits in the barrel (see other photo) I could say, ‘no thanks’, because I’m on a bit of a roll and am excited about my progress and want to keep going!! If I was starting today, I’m quite sure I would have ended up thinking, ‘stuff it, I’ll start tomorrow!’ And I’m sure you know the rest of that story…

So, I guess my biggest ‘wow’ is coming from the fact that I’m not really hungry. I mean, I have gotten a bit hungry here and there but if I distract myself it goes. Last time I started this diet, the first few days were hard and I was starving. I guess my body knows what to expect now. I just can’t believe how easy it actually seems now that I am doing it. YAY! It’s such great salad weather too, had a prawn salad for dinner last night (see above). I love what I eat when I am on Cohen’s. I put so much more effort into making tasty things and enjoying them. If you are only allowed a small amount of food then you have to make the most of it!

Hope you all had a good first day back at work or are enjoying your holidays if you are not back yet.

Mel. x

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